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Centurion’s Perishables Center is the largest and most-modern refrigerated warehouse at Miami International Airport.

WE offer a state-of-the-art cooling facility of 15,000m2 (161,000 sq. ft.), leading the industry in perishable-handling and cold-chain services in North and South America.  All products are handled in a temperature-controlled environment during flight and storage to ensure the highest safety and freshest standards possible.

More than half of all cargo transported by Centurion Cargo is perishable:-

*Fresh flowers from Colombia and Ecuador

*Fruits and asparagus from Peru

*Fresh salmon, stone fruits/berries from Chile

*Many other products that require a temperature-controlled environment

Centurion Cargo is able to provide such quality in the supply chain, due to:

*Specially-trained and perishables-experienced personnel

*Controlled temperature on board our freighters and wide-body aircraft

*Temperature-sensitive ground handling, including reducing weather and climate effects by rapid cargo transportation to and from our aircraft

*Accurate documentation throughout the transportation chain process

*Temperature checks at acceptance and storage

WE is a proud member of Flora Life – a globally-recognized organization that provides support and knowledge of the handling and transportation of perishables – from growers to customers to retail stores.

Centurion’s perishables warehouse is also certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the use of refrigerants and residue of our cooling systems in the category of Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage.

WE is the No. 1 cargo carrier in the transportation and handling of perishable goods to and from Miami International Airport.