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Centurion Cargo is the No. 1 cargo carrier in the transportation of perishable goods to and from Miami International Airport.

Our success is based on 4 key points:

Experience and Dedication
The experience and dedication of our staff in handling this type of product goes back more than 15 years, making us true specialists. We provide dedicated and personalized 24 hour service to generate solutions for our customers. Cold Chain
Centurion Cargo provides a completely refrigerated chain thereby protecting all perishable products. The cold chain is maintained throughout the operation. After receiving the cargo at the warehouse, it is placed in refrigerated storage (cooler) prior to being loaded on the aircraft. On its way to final destination, the cargo is stored in refrigerated warehouses until it is trucked to the aircraft. The cargo passes through the stages of transport without changing temperature, which guarantees freshness and perfect condition upon arrival.

Modern Fleet
Our modern fleet of MD-11F, 747-400ERF and their proper maintenance allows us to offer an efficient and timely service,critical to this type of cargo.

Being a leader creates great satisfaction, but it also increases responsibility to further improve and create even better outcomes for those who trust us. That is why we have an investment policy that positions us into the forefront of technology.